Widgeridoo – Widgets for Everything

For iPhone, iPad and macOS

Create your own Widgets for your homescreen (or Notification Center on the mac) with Widgeridoo. Fast and simple just by combining different blocks.

And there’s a block for almost everything:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Date and Countdown
  • Birthdays from your contacts
  • Events from your calendar
  • Music
  • Health data like steps or distance
  • Battery level
  • and more!

It’s a universal app for iPhone/iPad, also available for macOS and it’s free to try. No subscriptions or hidden cost. Just a single optional purchase to unlock the Pro version for all platforms.

For iPhone, iPad and macOS

Press-Kit with screenshots

Example Widgets

If you have Widgeridoo 1.5.0 or later you can easily import Widgets with a link. Here are some example widgets which you can use.

A small handy overview widget with date, steps, upcoming birthday and battery.Get it here
Calendar with month overview.Get it here
Steps history Graph.Get it here
A modern analog clock with bright watch hands.Get it here

Of course you can edit all those examples and change them to your needs and style.

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