Keyboard Shortcuts

cmd+ctrl 1 or 2Switches between animation and design
Design and
Animation tab
cmd+enterShows the ‘add new’ menu. Depending if
you are in animation or design editor
Design and
Animation tab
cmd+1 to 6Selects the shape/animation at this position
and inserts it
Add Shapes and
Add Animation
cmd C
cmd X
cmd V
Copy, cut and paste ShapesDesign tab
cmd+ctrl CShow or hide the code viewDesign and
Animation tab
cmd+ctrl LShow or hide the left sidebarDesign and
Animation tab
EnterToggle edit path shape or textDesign tab
Delete selected shapeDesign tab
cmd DDuplicate selected shapeDesign tab
(Shift) W
(Shift) A
(Shift) S
(Shift) D
Move selected shape up, left, down or right.
When pressing Shift while moving, it moves
Design tab
(Shift) option W
(Shift) option S
Move selected shape up or down in the
hierarchy (Z-axis).
When pressing Shift it moves it to the
front or back.
Design tab
R, O, T or PQuickly insert new Rectangle, Oval, Text
or Path
Design tab
cmd ,Show settings viewDesign and
Animation tab